According to the most recent speed test results, Cox is the fastest internet provider in the United States.

According to Ookla’s Speedtest Intelligence study, the cable broadband provider, which serves clients in 19 states as well as Washington, DC, received excellent ratings.

At the top of the mountain is a new ISP. Among the top fixed broadband providers in the US, Cox Communications has the fastest median download speeds. This information was provided by Ookla, which published its data findings for the months of July through September of this year.

The top spot in Ookla’s rankings was held by Charter Communications’ cable internet service, Spectrum Internet, until Cox overtook it with a median download speed of 260 megabits per second. Xfinity Internet came in third, ahead of AT&T, Frontier, Optimum, and Verizon.

Ookla is a company that offers internet speed tests. Through its application, which aggregates information from millions of users, it obtains statistics. These results are regularly used by CNET to inform our reviews of internet service providers. Additionally, we analyze and contrast internet performance across cities and states using data from Ookla’s speed tests.