Customers on previous unlimited plans are being forced to switch to some of T-Mobile’s newest offerings. Starting next week, T-Mobile customers on its older One, Simple Choice, Magenta, and Magenta 55 Plus plans will start receiving notices from the carrier informing them that effective with their November payment cycles, their individual plans will change and their monthly cost will increase.

Notifications will be sent out beginning on October 17. According to T-Mobile, “there will be an increase of approximately $10 per line with the migration.” An AutoPay signup can save $5 per line (up to eight lines per account), according to a spokesman.

Recently, T-Mobile modified its automated payment policies to require a linked debit card or bank account rather than a credit card. However, given the company’s problematic history of data breaches, customers might be hesitant to link their bank information to their accounts.

According to a statement from T-Mobile, the company is continuously seeking opportunities to enhance the services provided to its customers. As part of this effort, a select group of consumers who were previously subscribed to older pricing plans will be transitioned to newer plans that offer improved benefits. What a “small number” means and how many people will be affected were not immediately apparent.  

The business also says that customers can undo the change if they don’t want their plan to be altered, but they will have to contact T-Mobile’s Customer Care help line to do so.

The duration of the users’ window to call in and undo the forced switch is yet unknown, but it is offered by the carrier. Whether consumers who revert can remain on their previous plans indefinitely or if it just gives them a little more time until they are forced to switch again is another question.

Customers on Simple Choice will be transferred to either Magenta or Essentials Select, users on Magenta or One will be transferred to Go5G, and those on Magenta 55 Plus will be transferred to Go5G 55 Plus, per the Reddit source. Business subscribers to Simple Choice Business will also be moved to Business Unlimited Advanced service from the carrier.

Over three years after T-Mobile and Sprint concluded their merger, the mandated modifications to legacy plans have occurred. The carrier agreed not to hike plan pricing for three years as one of the conditions to regulators’ approval of the merger. Since then, it has launched a Price Lock pledge, which promises not to raise plan charges. However, the majority of its newer plans, those from the last two years, are covered by this assurance.

In its Price Lock page, T-Mobile does mention that customers on “eligible plans” starting before April 28, 2022, who would prefer not to switch to a new plan, can have the carrier pay “your final month’s recurring service charge if we were to raise prices and you choose to leave.”

In order to benefit from such offer, individuals must notify the provider “within 60 days.”