Searching for a better deal? We’ve compiled the top carrier and retailer deals on the newest iPhones and Android phones that are currently available.

$1,000 for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra ($200 discount)
The best flagship Android phone

Right now, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra boasts the most adaptable camera configuration of any smartphone on the market. When it comes to producing detailed distant photos, there is no comparison to the 10x zoom telephoto lens. It combines strong performance, exceptional battery life, a great display, and a grip-friendly design.

OnePlus 11: $700 (deducting $100)
The greatest substitute flagship phone

This year, OnePlus made significant improvements to its flagship phone, and the most recent model is now included in our ranking of the greatest phones of 2023. The OnePlus 11 is an all-arounder with good cameras, top-notch performance, a quick and bright display, and a comfortable grip. Even with above-average use, the battery lasts an entire day.

$1,450 for the OnePlus Open ($250 discount)
Preorder offer

Preorders for the company’s first foldable phone have already started, and it will launch on October 26. The starting price of this new foldable is $1,700, but as part of its presale promotions, OnePlus is providing $200 off when you trade in any phone—even a broken one—bringing the price down to $1,500.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 from Samsung: $1,440 ($360 discount)
The best foldable book in the US

In the US, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is still the recommended choice for foldables that resemble books. Although it lists for $1,800, Best Buy is presently giving customers a straight $360 discount with no conditions (you may save even more if you have an old phone to trade in). Even though its replacement has already been out, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is still a worthwhile purchase, particularly when it’s on sale.