Payment Refund and Cancellation Policy

Fixtor’s platform enables Customers to phone call and receive expert service over the toll-free phone number listed on the website for the subject-matter categories, Fixtor facilitates phone call, remote assistance, and chat communication with Experts on the platform, and enables delivery of and access to answers to your questions (“Site Access Benefits”). Site Access Benefits may be subject to additional conditions, such as limitations on the number and/or subject matter of queries submitted during registration. Customers on the Platform may be presented with one of two payment models: (1) One-time support, (2) recurring membership (explained in Section (A) below).

As required by law, Fixtor will provide advance notice of your membership’s imminent automatic renewal

We reserve the right to modify the provisions of your Membership, including the price and scope of Site Access Benefits. We will endeavor to provide advanced notice of any changes to Membership fees or prices prior to the next billing cycle, but this will not include notice of any changes to applicable taxes. If you do not approve a fee or price change, you may terminate your Membership in accordance with these Terms.

Cancellation of Membership or Termination

When you terminate a subscription, only future charges associated with the membership are canceled. You may cancel at any time, but the cancellation will go into effect at the conclusion of your current subscription period. You can cancel your Membership up to 24 hours before the end of the current billing period by (1) clicking the cancel membership button on either the help center page or your account’s membership page; (2) sending a written notice of cancellation to; or (3) speaking with a customer support agent via our online chatbot or by calling 1-800-965-1506. There are no refunds for partial Membership periods, but you have access to Site Access Benefits until the next billing cycle. Fixtor reserves the right to terminate your Fixtor membership at any time and for any reason, with or without prior notice, notwithstanding any other terms. Fixtor will refund the current membership fee if it cancels a membership.

Promotions & Trials

In addition to referral discounts or comparable free access to Member advantages when you recommend a new user(s), we may provide promotional trial subscriptions to obtain a Membership on a trial basis or access Platform for free or at a promotional rate. If your subscription has a free trial period, you won’t be charged that amount throughout the trial. In order to guarantee continuous access and continued use after the free trial has ended, you will be requested to enter a credit card or other payment method when signing up for the free trial. Unless you cancel your membership, your subscription will automatically convert into a paid Membership at the end of your free trial period and your payment method will be charged the appropriate cost. If you decide not to continue with your membership after your free trial, you won’t be charged as previously said.

If your membership comes with a special rate, you’ll be charged that rate for the number of billing periods that come with the promotion. After that, your subscription will automatically renew at the full rate. You might only be able to use one free trial or deal for a lower price. If your Membership is ever canceled or ended for any reason and you buy another Membership, you might not be able to get a free trial or another deal.

Promotional monies or credits placed into customer accounts by Fixtor remain the property of Fixtor. They never become the property of customers and can never be refunded. Unless otherwise stated on the Platform or in an email to a customer, these promotional monies or credits can only be used for 30 days. In other words, promotional monies or credits are not real money. They are a form of credit that Fixtor gives to customers to use on its platform. These credits can only be used for a limited time, and they do not belong to the customer. If the customer does not use the credits within the specified time period, they will expire and be lost. Here is a more concise version of the paraphrased text: Promotional credits from Fixtor are not real money and expire after 30 days.

Additional Membership Terms & Changes

As a member, it is essential to carefully review your Membership Details as they will bind you to the terms outlined. We reserve the right to make changes to the Membership terms or fees at any time, moving forward, based on our discretion. In the event of an increase in the Membership pricing, we will inform you in advance and give you the opportunity to modify your subscription before the changes are applied to your account or any automatic renewal charges are made.

We may, at our sole discretion, add, modify, or remove benefits and features from the Membership. Your continued use of the Platform following the effective date of these changes will indicate your acceptance of the updated terms. However, if you do not wish to continue with the new fees or features, you have the option to cancel your Membership. Should you choose to accept the new Membership subscription, its terms and conditions will apply to the subsequent renewal and all future renewals.

Payment Information

By providing payment information, you confirm that the details you provide are accurate, and you have the proper authorization to use the payment method for any required payments, including Membership fees, pay per question fees, service fees, taxes, and any optional tips or bonuses you choose to give.

Please note that we may initiate an authorization hold on your payment information to verify its validity. It is your responsibility to ensure that your payment details are kept up to date by making the necessary changes in your account settings. In case your payment card details change or are nearing their expiration date, we may receive updated payment details, including your card number, expiration date, and CVV (or equivalent) from your payment provider.

By providing your payment information, you grant us permission to continue charging your card using the updated details to ensure a seamless continuation of your Membership and access to our services.

If you fail to pay the required fees on time (e.g., due to credit card expiration or insufficient funds), we may suspend or terminate your access to the Platform or your Membership. Additionally, we retain the right to pursue any outstanding amounts related to your use of the Platform or Membership that you have failed to pay.